Welcome to Impro neuf

We are the most inclusive and inspiring society for improv comedy in Norway (impro).
Impro is theatre without any script.
We are located at Chateau Neuf at Majorstuen.
Slemdalsveien 15, 0369, OSLO.

We have shows and workshops every week in both English and Norwegian (excluding summer and holidays).
In the open workshops, you will not need to sign up or have any prerequisites to participate.
It's just to join!

In English:

- Free worksops every Wednesday at 18-20 PM

- Show every Wednesday at 20.15-22 PM

In Norwegian:

- Free workshop every Tuesday at 19-21 PM

- Show every Friday at 20-22 PM

In both English and Norwegian:

- Free open jam for everyone every Friday at 22-24 PM

For more information, check out these Facebook groups/page.




You will find us here:


The Board

The Board is responsible for the Impro Neuf going around as it should and for further development.
The Board is elected at an open general meeting each year.
If you have any questions, send us an email at: improneuflovesyou@gmail.com

Best regards,
Kristine Sterud (leader and Artistic director), Aree Witoelar (economics), Olav Kåre Donheim (PR), Annika Herrstad (ordinary board member) and Paulina Ślusarczyk (ordinary board member)

Featured Teams

To ensure quality, a group of experienced improvisers always plays the last set in our shows. In the English shows the featured teams are Improv Speakeasy and Loose Connections. In the Norwegain shows it’s Ensemblet.

Improv Speakeasy

Aree Witoelar, Johanne Hofseth, Sverre Breian, Magnus Aasheim, Eivind Hildre Spilling, Benedicte Alnæs, Robin Sverd, and Helene Holbæk.

Loose Connections

Haley de Korne, Petter Holstad Wright, Thomas Christoffersen, Mona Abdel-Fadil, Anette Tjomsland, Kevin Gow, Yael Philipson, Philippe Schneider, and Sara R K Raz.


Kristine Sterud, Olav Kåre Dønheim, Elin Arntzen, Thomas Christoffersen, Annika Herrestad, Harald Wille Jordheim, Terje Brevik, Marie Folkeson, Aiwei Su, Sverre Breian, Anders Brekke Hausvik, Arne Marius Ditlefsen, Tord Bjørnevaagen Brandsæter, Mona Abdel-Fadil, Kevin Gow, Ingeborg Bjerkvik Alnes, and Magnus Aasheim.