Code of conduct


Impro Neuf (IN) aims to organise events that are welcoming and safe for all. We rely on the IN Board, teaching community and participants to create an inclusive community free from harassment of any kind. 

This Code of Conduct outlines a general standard of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour within this safe space. It also provides measures to prevent harassment, and deal with harassment if it occurs.

We acknowledge that it is impossible to make an all-inclusive list of all inappropriate behaviours, given that it may be context dependent. We ask that everyone at Impro Neuf use their common sense and judgement to create a respectful environment.


  1. Any kind of harassment is unacceptable at Impro Neuf. This includes (but is not limited to) harassment on the basis of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, and disability.

  2. Everyone is encouraged to have a conversation about their boundaries with their team, workshop group etc. in advance. Be especially mindful with people whom you are not familiar with, e.g. new players, mixer team.

  3. Intimidating, hostile, disrespectful or sexualised behaviour, or any behaviour that causes discomfort is unacceptable. Repeated and/or intentional behaviors to cause discomfort will result in sanctions. Examples of such behaviours are:

    • Touching fellow players in a way they did not agree to,

    • Being aggressive towards other players (including physical intimidation and verbal aggression),

    • Making sexualised comments to other players, or about other players,

    • Commenting on other players ethnicity or gender in a prejudiced or hateful way,

    • Using foul language directed at other players to cause harm,

    • Setting up scenes that humiliate other players for the sake of a joke, Etc.

  4. Impro Neuf recognises it is an improvised theatre and comedy community where sensitive subjects will arise in scenes. It is important that players treat potentially difficult topics with respect and play at the top of their intelligence. If this is a challenge, players are expected to ask for support and ask questions. Players are encouraged to be open and curious when receiving guidance on how to avoid being disrespectful in scenes. 


  1. Players’ safety is more important than any scene. Players have the right to interrupt a scene they are participating in if they feel uncomfortable or threatened in any way, both in workshops and on stage. They can do this by exiting the scene, stepping in to support an uncomfortable player, or stopping the scene by calling “time out” and voicing their concerns. Players may choose to discuss or not discuss their reasons.

  2. Teachers have the authority to interrupt scenes in a workshop at any given moment if they are concerned for the well-being and/or safety of players. At show and jams, head of crew and jam leaders have the authority of a teacher.

  3. In case of unacceptable behaviour, the teacher will give a clear warning (either directly to the person or in the presence of the group). If the person continues to behave in a way that makes the other participants uncomfortable, the person forfeits the right to be at the workshop and must leave.

  4. If the unacceptable behaviour persists, actions may be taken by the IN Board.

  5. The above may include behaviour which happens outside Impro Neuf’s activities (including online), if it makes anyone in the community reconsider coming to Impro Neuf because they feel unsafe or unwelcome there.


  1. Participants are encouraged to contact the teacher, head of crew, the Impro Neuf Board or other persons of authority if they experience or witness behaviour they find problematic. Alternatively, all instances of unacceptable behaviour can be reported to the IN Board at

  2. The IN Board has the authority to act as a mediation board if there is strong conflict between two or more members of the Impro Neuf community. 

  3. Persons reporting unacceptable behaviour to the IN Board have the right to remain anonymous and their identity will be protected by the IN Board.

  4. Criminal offences are to be reported to the police.


  1. Depending on the severity of the violation, appropriate sanctions may be imposed by the IN Board. However, the IN Board always will initiate a conversation with all parties before doing so.

  2. Sanctions for unacceptable behaviour can be:

    • A warning

    • Being banned from contacting certain members of Impro Neuf

    • Suspension from all Impro Neuf activities for a certain period of time (the IN Board decides the duration)  

    • Permanent exclusion from all Impro Neuf activities

  3. Sanctions can be challenged by vote at the general assembly. It must be handed in as an item of agenda 7 days before the general assembly. In case of challenges, it is the right of a person under sanction to disclose the given sanctions to the community in order to challenge them.


  1. This Code of Conduct is intended to be an up-to-date document that reflects the culture in Impro Neuf’s community, and can thus be subject to changes.