BLOCK 2 (6-8 PM)



Brilliant minds from across Europe have collided in Copenhagen to constitute Europe's most promising Improv-group of its generation. From Denmark with love, we present to you: UNINTENDED COMPLIMENTS! UC is Catalina, Damian, Christoffer and Gabor.

Pee Break.jpg

18:20 PEE BREAK 🇳🇴🇺🇸🇫🇮🇬🇧

We love to wait. We love toilets. We're 5 crazy people that once met in a line for a pee break. But now we can't wait no longer to share what comes out from our souls and bodies. Pee Break is Helen PaImer, Sara R K Raz, Rosa Molina, Andrew Becker and Lars Birger Aasheim.

Ålreit Impro.jpg


Ålreit Impro is a democratic improv group with a flat structure. On each own they are totally alright, but when they are placed together on a scene, their chemistry is electric! The group performs long form improv where big and small worlds and a cast of characters are created. With Ålreit Impro you can experience something completely absurd, or something everyday, at the same time. Ålreit Impro is Emma, Andreas, Arne, Henriette, Dennis, Maria, Sigbjørn and Jenny.


19:05 TROUPLE 🇳🇴

Do you remember the event of your first kiss? What was going on in your mind, were you thinking of spending a lifetime together? We will see how a relationship start from there. All the ups and downs. Come see us, because YOU decide the beginning. Trouple is Eva Victoria Verpe and Olav Kåre Dønheim.

The Sound Of.jpg

19:30 THE SOUND OF… 🇳🇴🇱🇺

The sound of... plays the sound of anything the audience may want. The sound of the great party? The sound of the early summer morning? The audience decides! The Sound of.. is Ane Engelstad, Asgeir Døhl Dybvig, Ingeborg Bjerkvik Alnes, Olav Kåre Dønheim and Philippe Schneider. We love to sing, improvise, and be part of The sound of...!