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Improv Comedy Wednesday

BUY TICKETS HERE (link is coming)

IMPRO NEUF INTERNATIONAL returns with a new season of Improv Comedy Wednesdays, Oslo's premier English improvised theater. It's a completely different show every week, because there is no script - every scene is made up right in front of your eyes, like magic!

Hosted by The Improv Speakeasy, we invite the city's talented improvisers to the stage to perform for you.



Room: Lillesalen, Chateau Neuf 2nd floor
Doors open 20:00
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 50 NOK (online) / 70 NOK (full price)
Early Bird gets free tickets!


Come earlier at 18:00 to join our open drop-in beginner classes. It's free! IMPRO NEUF LOVE YOU!

Facebook event: coming