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Impro Neuf Wednesday: Blue Moons

IMPRO NEUF INTERNATIONAL is proud to present Oslo's first weekly improv comedy shows in English. Hosted by The Improv Speakeasy, we bring fresh pickings of the city's talents onto the limelight. It's a different team every Wednesday!

Performing for the night: the quaint two-man team with multiple personality PINTERQUINT, the sweet-singing star-reaching MÅNEMODUS. And your regular joe SPEAKEASY to finish.

Pinterquint - Sverre and Arne likes to explore peculiar relationships and odd sides of life. Through their two-person show the audience is taken on a journey with characters known to everyone, but few really knows.

Månemodus - do improvised one-act musicals. Where the story starts, or ends, they don’t know. You get a story, exciting characters, and a whole new musical universe you have never experienced before - and never will again.

Speakeasy - is the mainstage troupe and host of Impro Neuf International. We play a montage of scenes that ranges from drama to absurdity, but always with a lot of heart.

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