Impro for alle
- Gratis workshop hver uke

Vi ønsker at impro skal være tilgjengelig for alle som har lyst å prøve! Derfor har vi gratis workshop hver uke (unntatt sommer og helligdager). Workshopene ledes av erfarne medlemmer av Impro Neuf. Du trenger ikke å ha noen forkunnskaper for å delta!

Tirsdager kl 19:30, Chateau Neuf

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Pssst! Vi har også workshops på engelsk på onsdager - les mer!

 Impro Neuf presents a two-day workshop with Shawn Kinley!

Impro Neuf proudly welcomes Shawn Kinley back to Oslo!

Shawn will be teaching the two-day workshop Balance your skills.

Registration opens Friday February 1st at 12:00

Balance your skills workshop description:
Improvisers can be limited by the belief in the rules that they've learned or the tricks that get them the biggest audience reactions. In the short term they find measured success but slowly those performers get frustrated that they aren't growing or that the shows are predictable and less fun'. Even though they are improvising, it feels like they follow some loosely predictable script. And the audience senses this and responds by going to a different show next week.

The best performers keep the audience and their partners on their toes with variety and an understanding of how to constantly risk safety for less predictable choices. When we are certain the clown will make us laugh, we find ourselves crying. When we've heard a thousand monologues, the master will make emotions from the actions alone. The traps of predictability are overcome through a greater range of skill and an attitude that destroys "playing it safe"

In this two-day "BALANCE YOUR SKILLS" workshop, we will start by figuring out what traps are holding you back and we will work on the techniques that bring out greater versatility in your performances.

Saturday March 2nd.
12-17 (break included)
Sunday March 3rd.
13-18 (break included)


1490 NOK for both days.

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